Don't Burn It

Sell it!

Would you rather have 100% of $50 or a dead dream that's costing you money?

Sell your sh** instead of burning it

How does it work?

You buy me a coffee (or three) and I list your domain with a contact email address and an asking price.Make sure the domain, contact email and rough price is included in the message when you buy the coffees.If you screw that up, email me

For Sale


Cash for failed dreams

We hold on to digital assets in case we do something with them. So many domains are available and unused, but squatting is still rife and everyone is trying to get rich. How about just make a few bucks and move along? Is that so bad?

Who am I

This is a pet project because I have domains to shift from years of having ideas. Hosting costs a few quid hence the coffees.